Studio Policy

Lesson Expectations

Students are expected to schedule a regular weekly lesson. In lessons students will learn sight-reading, technique and musicianship concepts through teachings, demonstrations and hands-on activities. Students will receive assignments each week that are due at the following lesson. For each lesson, students are expected to (1) be prepared to learn, (2) be prepared to present assignments from the previous lesson, and (3) have a pen/pencil, a notebook (practice journal), lesson books, and any other lesson materials.

Students can expect from me (1) a personalized teaching approach, (2) a teacher who will continue learning, and (3) a teacher who cares for the student’s well-being. If any of these expectations are not met, please bring it to my attention immediately.


Practice is an essential component in developing sight-reading, technique and musicianship; it helps students acquire and maintain skills discussed in lessons. In an ideal world, students would see the value of well-played music and the joy of creating such music would motivate them to practice every day for countless hours. Students would not necessarily enjoy the practice sessions, but they would see that it is worth practicing for the joy that lies before them. In a non-ideal world (i.e. the studio) students must have quantitative practice expectations. To remain in the studio, students are expected to practice a minimum of 20 minutes per day for three days each week. To see maximum progress and enjoyment, students are encouraged to practice 20-60 minutes per day for six days each week.

Lesson Calendar & Recitals

The calendar year is broken into a Spring Semester, Summer Session, and Fall Semester. (See the Studio Calendar for specific dates and breaks.) At the end of each semester or session, students will have the opportunity to participate in a student recital. Recitals provide an opportunity to explore the art of performance and celebrate the progress made by each student.

Absences & Make-Up Lessons

In each semester or session, each student is allowed up to two make-up lessons for planned absences (i.e. at least one month prior notification) or emergency absences  (e.g. car trouble, illness, etc.). Please contact me before the lesson to schedule a make-up lesson. For all other absences (e.g. no-shows, tardiness, etc.), no make-up lesson will be scheduled. If a student is not able to schedule a make-up lesson during the semester or session, the student will schedule a make-up lesson in the week following the semester or session.

Payment Information

Payment for all lessons in a semester/session will be due at the first lesson of each semester/session. Please pay by cash or check. Please make checks payable to Greg Wahlberg.